Have you ever considered how the preoccupations of your EnneaType may be playing themselves out in your health? Our beliefs, attitudes, and preferences shape which areas of self-care we are willing to attend to, which we over-indulge, and which we choose to ignore. Discovering these trends within yourself is the first step in building a bridge to vitality. For example:

While Types 1 & 3 regard exercise as a task to be checked off a list, Type 4’s will only engage in it if it occurs in an uplifting


Type 2’s go overboard with their focus on Connection, but then try to soothe their unmet needs through diet, often turning to sugar

and alcohol to suppress despair.

Type 5’s often resist living in rhythms, preferring to eat random foods at random times, and to keep odd sleep schedules. And more!

Drawing on her 5+ years experience and over 500 case studies, Candice Thomas leads this lively, interactive session interviewing people of different EnneaTypes about their self-care practices. See for yourself how our different tendencies lead us down particular health pathways, and learn new approaches to help build a bridge toward lasting health and vitality.

Candice Thomas


2018 IEA Global Conference

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA