This interactive session introduces a model of 12 leadership competencies correlated to the nine Enneagram points and three instinctual biases. The competencies are grouped into four clusters of interrelated: the first cluster addresses self-mastery and behavioral change; the second addresses how a leader relates to others; the third addresses how leaders should think and make decisions; the fourth addresses skills needed for a leader to grow into positions of greater responsibility. While correlated to the Enneagram, this is not a simplistic or speculative model of Enneagramatic qualities a leader should have. Rather, it is a model rooted in twenty years of coaching leaders on five continents and weaves in sound management principles from classic leadership theorists such as Peter Drucker, David McClelland, and Elliott Jacques. These insights are mapped to the framework of the Enneagram to provide a consistent point of reference and make the model easier to remember. Further, the leadership model takes advantage of the connecting lines of the Enneagram diagram to demonstrate the inter-relationships of the competencies and the importance of understanding them as part of a systemic model for growth and development rather than as independent and unrelated skills. This session will strengthen your coaching effectiveness by leveraging your Enneagram Type. You will learn: Core dimensions for better interpersonal relationships How to engage in active listening How to structure content for a coaching conversation. The best coaching question to ask Many helpful insights to bring your best self forward.

Mario Sikora


2018 IEA Global Conference

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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