In this session we will expound upon our collective experience teaching the Enneagram within the field of corrections ranging from six years of in-custody programming with the incarcerated in both the United States and Finland, and three years of using the Enneagram to train the correctional staff in Belgium.

Since its inception in 2012, Enneagram Prison Project (EPP) has been on a mission to offer self-awareness / self-regulation training to the incarcerated using the Enneagram system from county jails to state Prisons. Concurrent with the growth of EPP, an Enneagram professional has been teaching the Enneagram to the prison staff in the french speaking part of Belgium since 2015. Of all the training previously offered, it was clear that the impact of the Enneagram was far greater than any of the other tools offered to the staff.

In 2018 for the first time – our collaboration will bring the Enneagram to both correctional staff and the incarcerated within one institution in Belgium. In this presentation we will explore our findings including our insights, challenges, surprises, and – what we expect to find – further evidence of the humanness shared by people in any part of the world, and on both sides of the bars.

Susan Olesek
Jean-Philippe Koopmansch


2018 IEA Global Conference

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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