Presentation Objectives:

To examine the inner and outer, growth and learning, personal and community based, from the presenter’s co-creating of an

independent, self-sustaining, collaborative Enneagram learning community in Thailand over 18 years.

To explore collaborative, Enneagram based, teaching, team development, leadership, and coaching initiatives within the fields of

International Development and Global Health.

This presentation will explore two “case-studies”, both current and on-going, of building bridges for societal change and in non-profit organizations using narrative tradition Enneagram teaching methods by the presenter and colleagues over the past 20 years. Also included will be an experience of new materials developed or used in all of these projects and the needs assessments upon which these materials were created. The presentation will include didactic, participatory exercises, demonstrations of materials and, a narrative panel of participants who have international experience.

Joan Ryan


2018 IEA Global Conference

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA