In this session we will explore how through neuroscience we can help you achieve success. Discover if you are a potentializer or an incidental minimizer of people. You will learn how to rewire your brain, through neuroscience, in order to transform your life and fulfill your goals.

Know the easiest and most practical method to establish a goal outline and learn to apply strategic planning to all areas of your life, based in the Enneagram. How the Fixed mindset can change to a learning mindset, and what does this has to do with the Enneagram style. The mirror neurons your best friends, or your worst enemies. How to reduce personality biases, and learn to see life in a more focused way.

The four areas in which people can be successful: personal, family, professional and social.

Know and balance your four Me’s: Physical ME, Mental ME, Emotional ME and Potential ME. Discover which are the blockers of your success and learn to transform them into enhancers of it.

* We will teach you how to design a successful life in every way.

* We will explore the three centers of intelligence and see how they can enhance success.

Adelaida Harrison


2018 IEA Global Conference

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA