Content about our Enneagram styles can be so mesmerizing that we might linger a long time in the realm of concepts and identity details. But so much more awaits! You appreciate how the Enneagram can help you distinguish your type pattern from your essential self. But did you know that your enneatype can actually help you access your “larger” self when you learn to work with it certain ways? The foibles of your personality can become gateways to knowing yourself on a direct, wild, soul level. You will learn how a nature-based model of the psyche along with inner work and inquiry can invite you into territory beyond the well-trodden path your enneatype would habitually keep you on.

We will explore our inner dynamics in ways that open us to an engaging and freeing relationship with life. Looking at Plotkin’s “map of the psyche” applied to each enneatype, we’ll learn how to respond to our limited senses of self with wisdom and compassion.

We will practice shifting our mindsets from their predictable grooves to ones that are fresh and responsive to life. We will explore exercises that help us feel the passageway between our fixation and our freedom.

Sarah Walston


2018 IEA Global Conference

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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