Most Enneagramers learned this insightful theory of personality by active participation in lengthy seminars. This has historically limited our audience to those willing to invest several days and considerable expense. This model of master-to-student total immersion favors searchers of esoteric wisdom … but often alienates the casual learner.

The essential components of the Enneagram are few and easy to grasp. Taught with the goal of INSIGHT and connection, one can usually self-type within a few hours. This requires instructors to confine input to the major components, amplified through understandable examples from participants’ lives. It also uses carefully designed dynamics to ground the theory in actual experience.

This session provides outlines and techniques for teaching the Enneagram in a minimum amount of time, without sacrificing the essential understanding of human personality so uniquely formulated in the theory. Participants will achieve first-hand experience of how-and-why certain dynamics are more effective in learning something of relative complexity in a short time. Material presented is distilled from 45 yrs. of international experience with professional, business, academic and amateur audiences. Expect to learn how to direct a laser focus on the human psyche… so many more people can use its insights.

Patrick O’Leary


2018 IEA Global Conference

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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