This presentation explores becoming a more innovative leader by walking through the five elements of the innovative leadership model and how each element contributes to the leader’s ability to become more effective at dealing with complexity and uncertainty. It is interactive for each of the five elements, participants will score themselves, discuss with a colleague and I will present. The session ends with participants creating action plans. Interaction time will be contingent on the session length. The foundation of the Innovative Leadership model is leader type/the enneagram. We build on the enneagram type by exploring leadership maturity. The maturity model is aligned with enneagram levels of health and focused on leadership drawn from Harvard research. Using this foundation, we then explore resilience, situational analysis then leadership behaviors.

During this session we will: Introduce the innovative leadership model Answer assessment questions about each of the five elements of the model Discuss each of the five elements

Identify 1-2 goals based on assessment results

This model will help those focused on improving their own leadership skills as well as those participants who want to improve the leadership skills of others in their organization including high potential leaders and successors for key roles.

Maureen Metcalf


2018 IEA Global Conference

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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