By Rosemary Hurwitz

“Spring can really mess you up the most.”

Is that a line from an old song?

Wherever it’s from, it happens to me a little, each Spring…but in a good way.

When the earth is rising to her Spring glory on a sunny day with soft and sumptuous floral scents mingling with the breeze, I’m not sure there is anything more beautiful or inviting, after winter.

In these moments, as I breathe into the many varieties of earth, tree or floral Essence, I feel my own essential self, and the glimpses of it loom a little larger- a little bit closer to me.

This Poem was sprouted via Springtime and the Enneagram’s wisdom!

Rising Up With Spring; more or less 

More letting go and letting God – feeling lighter,

– less angst

More balance in my giving and receiving,

– less false pride and resentment

More connecting with my inner feelings and truth,

– less image and role baggage

More and consistent baby steps toward dreams in ordinary ways,

– less longing

More heart to heart connections,

– less collecting of information

More trust and Buddha belly breathing

– less second guessing, doubt and fear

More presence and attention to life unfolding ,

– less rushing around, splintering

More vulnerability, patience and love for all,

– less Bossy-ness

More self-expression and “dialing my true self up”

– less “dialing down” and invisibility


Rosemary Hurwitz, MA.PS

​Enneagram ​Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher

Co-Author, No Mistakes, How You Can Change Adversity into Abundance