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High Functioning Families; The Foundation for the Future. Using the Enneagram to Enhance Parenting Skills and Build Leaders for Tomorrow

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  In an increasingly changing and agile world, with growing multiculturalism, it is important that parents raise children with high emotional, social and cultural intelligence. It is crucial to future-proof our children against getting stuck in habits of thinking, feeling and behaving when a more [...]

The Nine Keys to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential

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Parenting is a multi-faceted endeavor and families are complex systems. Using work that is underpinned by Riso and Hudson's Nine Domains Jacqui, Margaret & Tracy will expand the nine universal principals that must be present and operating with the individual and the family for each [...]

Parenting From the Inside Out – Using the Enneagram to Bring Out the Best of Your Parenting Personality

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Today's parents face a multitude of challenges unlike previous generations. In this world of increased on-line connectivity we are becoming even more disconnected from those relationships that are important to us. Knowing your Enneagram Type will help you understand how your personality influences your parenting [...]