As the IEA Global Conference in Cincinnati approaches (July 19-22), I’d like to share with you some of the many reasons that you might want to attend.

First, this Conference is NOT “the same old/same old”. We’re aware that you have access to a multitude of Enneagram-related information and knowledge via books, on-line videos, local/regional conferences, and more. But this Conference offers things that are special… unique… not available elsewhere.

So what might that be?

  • This year we’re introducing Open Conference sessions; informal gatherings where people can come and discuss interests related to the Enneagram. There will be discussions focusing on the Enneagram as Leadership Development for Veterans, the Enneagram and Age/Aging, the Enneagram in Diverse Populations, and Explorations of Christianity’s Conflicted Relationship with the Enneagram.
  • In his End Note address, T.J. Dawe, a young actor, playwright, and Enneagram certified teacher will be talking about “Star Wars and the Kingdom of Heaven”. This is not to be missed if you’re interested in how the Enneagram relates to modern culture and media.
  • In his Keynote address, Peter Block will talk about community and how we can all assist in helping to create and enhance community among Enneagram professionals and enthusiasts around the world.
  • And this year the Conference has tracks. There will be breakout sessions/presentations addressing Enneagram Basics, the use of the Enneagram in Business, in Societal Change, and for personal and spiritual development.
  • In addition, the Pre-Conference Day will include panels talking about how the Enneagram appeals to and is being used by diverse populations, how the Enneagram is being used around the world, and how the Enneagram is being used in business.
  • And then there’s the opportunity to network with friends and colleagues from around the world, with opportunities to learn how people are using the Enneagram in new and growth-edge applications.
  • And finally, by attending the Conference, you will be supporting the IEA and the work that it is doing to bring the Enneagram to more people and more communities around the world, including diverse communities.

Please consider attending this year’s Conference. For more information, go to

If you have any questions or thoughts about the IEA or the Conference, please contact me at or