Type 1: Practice accepting self and others from a place of non judgment. Note: non judgment allows for everything to be perfect in the moment.

Type 2: Practice asking yourself what your needs are, first, before meeting the needs of others.

Type 3: Practice slowing down, delegating and allowing others to assist. Know that you are loved without doing.

Type 4: Practice observing what is present and available rather than what is missing.

Type 5: Practice giving more information and detail about yourself in your communication with others. Know that your resources are abundant.

Type 6: Practice trusting self and others, letting go of doubts and second guessing.

Type 7: Practice staying constant and present to others when they speak. Avoid self-referencing.

Type 8: Practice tact and monitoring of your energetic presence.

Type 9: Practice standing in your truth and communicating with confidence.