Connection is the heart of the Enneagram.  From the living symbol, to awakening awareness, to transformation, the wisdom of the Enneagram invites all of us into a life-giving process.  The dots and lines of the Enneagram are brought alive by connection, when this unique wisdom is passed on from one life to another.  For centuries, this wisdom has been passed on through word of mouth and conversations, from person to person.

With this dynamic in mind, a new opportunity is being rolled out to encourage and promote connection and learning from each other.  This new opportunity is called EnneaGroups, an experimental new IEA membership benefit.  EnneaGroups are small group gatherings — online or in person, open or closed in membership — around a particular topic of interest and for a time and duration set by the group.  Each EnneaGroup will have a facilitator who will act as a point-of-contact with the IEA, and each EnneaGroup will have flexibility to set its own purpose and dimensions.  The spaces can take a variety of forms, using FaceBook, or other social media platforms, video-conferencing, or meeting in person.

The goal is to create spaces to connect and learn from each other across a wide spectrum of topics and interests.  Some examples of topics around which a group could form:

·       Spirituality

·       Secular/Business

·       Research

·       Coaching

·       Location-Memphis, Vancouver, Oakland, Austin

·       Parenting

·       Teaching & Education

·       Type 2’s

·       Latinx

·       (Insert Your Idea Here)

This new IEA member benefit will offer a variety of ways for you to be involved.  Over the next coming months, There will be opportunities for you to be a part of creating these EnneaGroups spaces.  We will need input on your interest and ideas for forming or being a part of these groups.  We will need help organizing and offering leadership to the groups, once formed.  There will be resources available through the website and from the EnneaGroup leadership team to offer support however you choose to be involved.  If you want to get involved with group leadership, there will be facilitator training available.

The two-dimension symbol of the Enneagram is brought alive by the connections it invites.  We need each other for the full expression of the essence of all nine types.  We need this kind of connection.  The world needs this kind of connection.   This energy can be contagious as we connect in relationships and personally transform.

Look for more information to come on the IEA website, Nine Points, And at the IEA Conference in Oakland, July 25-28.

The EnneaGroup leadership team includes Trent Thornley, Curt Micka, and Mike Block.  You can email your ideas and questions to