The Enneagram and Relationships

Creating Conscious Relationships

Presented By:
  • Michael Naylor
Sat Oct 15, 2022  -  Sun Oct 16, 2022


This Workshop explores the impact of one's Enneagram Type on one's capacity to navigate relationships consciously and unconsciously. Scholarship $175, Early Bird $225, After Sept 15, $250

ZOOMING FROM PORTLAND, MAINE 10 AM EDT-5:30 PM Saturday and Sunday                                   

The Enneagram and Relationships Workshop

Relationships are one of the most rewarding as well as the most frustrating aspects of our existence. Whether in intimate or work settings, the quality of our relationships has an enormous impact on the quality of our lives, on our self-esteem, and on our careers. Yet, we often find the behavior of others baffling—even if we have known them intimately for many years. Often, the very things that we do not understand in others are the greatest sources of problems and conflicts in our relationships. Clearly, the better we know ourselves and the people in our lives, the more harmonious and satisfying our relationships will be. The Enneagram, with its remarkable wisdom, sheds a powerful light on all of these dimensions.

This workshop will help people understand their Enneagram type’s emotional triggers, mental distortions when under stress, the ways in which they abandon themselves and their relationships, and will provide clarity on how to stay present to self and others. This creates a bridge to intimacy and loving connection. Individuals will experience deeper compassion for the psychological and emotional mechanisms that challenge each of types, and understanding for the ways in which they defend themselves from hurt, and what assists them in coming forth with their genuine heart. The Wake-up Call of each type will be addressed, along with the core fear patterns of each type, and what each type needs to feel loved, seen, and held. The importance of our Instinctual bias will also shed light on the natural survival strategies that each type employs when afraid or insecure. In addition, the object relations patterns of each type will be illuminated, pointing to powerful unconscious patterns that underlie much of what unwittingly frustrates or derails our relationships.

Participants will be guided to use the Enneagram as a profound and immensely practical way to understand their relationships with others, both intimate and professional. We will feature exercises as well as music, meditations, and practices that will help bring greater Presence to our inquiry.

*Scholarships are available. Please inquire with Michael at or 207-615-3028,

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