Meetings with the 9 Type of Men

Three 2nd Saturdays on The Instincts, The Defenses and The Vice to Virtue Conversion

Presented By:
  • Dale Rhodes, M.S., M.A.
Sat Mar 11, 2023  -  Sat May 13, 2023


The 9 Types of Men and Modern Masculinity

March 11th/ Aligning With and Balancing Our Instincts (lead, Dale Rhodes)
April 8th/ Addressing and Relaxing Our Defenses (lead, Matt Ahrens)
May 13th/ Spiritual Growth through the Vice to Virtue Conversion (lead, Shawn Ellison, pictured)

All Sessions: 9:30a-1:00p Pacific; 10:30a-2:00p Mountain; 11:30a-3:00p Central; 12:30p-4:00p Eastern; led by Certified Narrative Teachers

Explore and experience how all types of men have unique ways of being that we can all employ to be our own best man and to be more fully hu-man and alive. Expand your community of friends who talk type, character development, men and modern masculinity. ​
This is our second interactive series on the experiences we have as boys and opportunities we have as men, using the Enneagram as our guide. The Enneagram describes that we have different and preferred ways of thinking, feeling and behaving; it is a map to universal inner and outer territories. While we often gravitate to certain regions, we visit them all daily throughout our lives, so every discussion you engage in during this program applies to you. This year we focus on the wisdom available when we pay attention to our preferences amongst our instinctual drives, our defensive structures and mechanisms, and our development towards consciousness and higher states of being. ​Likely there will be plenty of new content for everyone here; to include self-reflection, teachings, participant panel discussions, small group explorations and more.

This second offering is part of our *on-going exploration* of what it means positively to be a man.   
We all bring roles, experiences, stories, curiosities ​with us to this reflective and interactive work.  

Join us again or for the first time in an exploration with other men interested in meaningful conversation on our diverse paths of being men.  Deep learning and change happens over time and in continuous community.  We recommend you take the discounted option and join all three sessions, and consider the discount option to bring a friend too. 


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