Purposeful Partnership

The Power of Relationships Using the Enneagram with Catherine Bell and Dr. Deborah Egerton

Presented By:
  • Catherine Bell
  • Dr. Deborah Egerton
Wed Sep 06, 2023  -  Fri Dec 01, 2023


Our lives consist of a series of relationships interwoven across generations, cultures, perspectives, and purposes. We find ourselves not infrequently navigating each day without the awareness of how we interact with and affect those around us. Our partnerships, whether in business or of a personal nature, are the common thread that links us all together as one. We share an innate trait as human beings that is central to everything that we do.  This inherent trait is the desire to belong, to be accepted and included by those around us.

A deeper and more difficult terrain to navigate is our limited capacity to accept ourselves as we truly are. Our ability to sustain healthy relationships is intricately intertwined with our willingness to do our own inner work. It is a fundamental necessity to know who we are as individuals and acknowledge our being as it relates to the world around us.

When you have begun the journey of inner work you can begin to see yourself as a whole human being and bring your whole soul self to everything you do, including into your relationships. The old adage of being half of a partnership- remember the phrase “my better half”- no longer serves us as whole human beings who aspire to show up authentically and in our full power. To enter into a partnership is about honoring and respecting your partner’s full self as well as your own. Finding the balance that highlights both of your natural strengths without having to sacrifice who you are requires intentional work to maintain your center of gravity. Letting go of our egoic agendas may be the first step to finding this balance, but this requires understanding what drives our egos.

Partnerships thrive when two or more people enter into a mutually agreeable relationship. Relationships thrive when two or more people understand how to be in partnership with one another. The Enneagram provides us with the roadmap to navigate this human terrain. Your relationship to those who you are in purposeful partnership with is key to being an authentic participant in the healing and connection of all of humanity. One partnership at a time.

Join Dr. Egerton and Catherine Bell as we explore the power of partnerships together. Unlock yourself and your relationships.

Due to the intimate nature of this course, we will have a limited number of guests.

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