Around the Circle: Weekend Immersion

A Contemplative Enneagram SoulJourney

Presented By:
  • Nhien Vuong
Fri Mar 08, 2024  -  Fri Mar 08, 2024
Holy Family Retreat Center


Around The Circle: A Contemplative Enneagram SoulJourney

Join Evolving Enneagram Founder and Lead Faculty Rev. Nhien Vuong, J.D., M.Div., for this in person weekend immersion at Holy Family Retreat Center in West Hartford, CT. Discover how the Enneagram can support a contemplative, compassion-based life.

Learn how the entire Enneagram circle–and not just your own Enneagram type–can enrich your contemplative life. This intensive is for you if you already know your Type and want to explore how the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram can support a world in which everything belongs.

  • DISCOVER what it means to “listen around the circle” for what triggers and excites you.
  • INTEGRATE disowned parts of your wholeness.
  • DEEPEN your practice of inner and outer hospitality through an array of contemplative practices engaged in conscious community.
    Prerequisites: We recommend that you, at minimum, know your Ennea-Type or be on an earnest discovery journey to learn your Type. However, ALL Enneagram experience levels are welcome.

Prerequisites: We recommend that you, at minimum, know your Ennea-Type or be on an earnest discovery journey to learn your Type. However, ALL Enneagram experience levels are welcome.

1:1 In-Person Enneagram-informed Spiritual Mentoring sessions with Rev. Nhien | As an option for further 1:1 support during these Enneagram immersion weekends, Rev. Nhien will make herself available for a very limited number of private 1:1 Enneagram “mini” spiritual mentoring sessions (30 minutes, $100/session) during these weekend immersions. First come, first served. This rate is discounted from Nhien’s regular rates. Also, this is a rare opportunity to meet with Nhien 1:1 in person rather than on Zoom. Please email Nhien directly at to reserve your session. Be sure to forward a confirmation of your completed registration to receive the discount.

Rates (Register DIRECTLY with the Retreat Center):

Private Room with Private Bath – $600
Private Room with Hall Bath – $475
Commuter – $375

“More if you can, less if you can’t…”
Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center has a long-standing tradition of making retreats available to everyone – regardless of their financial situation and their ability to pay. If you are interested in this retreat but unable to pay the full offering, please contact our registrar, Ted Jastrzebski at 860-760-9705 for more information. We also ask that if you are able to make a donation over and above the suggested offering of the retreat, to help support this tradition and those who are less fortunate, we would be grateful for the added contribution.

The Enneagram is not merely a personality typology. At its core, it is a map of consciousness and a mandala of wholeness that helps us to awaken to Oneness and to realize our soul's full potential.
Our Contemplative Enneagram Souljourners Program (CESP) launches this fall 2023. CESP is ecumenical, inter-spiritual programming designed to support wisdom seekers from diverse faith backgrounds around the world, including those identified as SBNR, in exploring the rich ways Enneagram-informed contemplation can support our spiritual life–not only as individuals but as an ever-deepening, ever-expanding community. 

This is an inclusive, non-dogmatic, experiential space that invites individuals from diverse wisdom traditions from around the globe to journey inwardly together–in the spirit of wholeness, unity, and love.

Our mission is not so much to expound on the vast body of Enneagram theories as it is to bring the Enneagram framework to bear on our conscious awakening–through the lens of contemplation and in service to Love’s evolution.

NOTE: These journeys count toward International Enneagram Association (IEA) Accreditation Points.

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