The 9 Online: Learning the Types One at a Time

Take One, Take All

Presented By:
  • Dale Rhodes, M.S., M.A.
Mon Mar 04, 2024  -  Mon May 13, 2024


I Want To Know All About These Nine Types

Just one at a time for 90 minutes please...

Monday Eves *Online* 6:30pm - 8:00 Pacific March/April/May


Come to any number of classes for the types you want to know all about: Only $20/session or $150/series
​All facilitated by seasoned Enneagram Mentor and Trainer: Dale Rhodes, M.S., M.A. (Certified Narrative, Spectrum, Changeworks and MBTI)

What's the Point? Mondays!

March 4: Point 9 focus on Mediation
March 11: Point 6 focus on Divided Loyalties
March 25: Point 3 focus on Performance
April 1: Point 1 focus on Idealism
April 8: Point 4 focus on Romanticism
April 15: Point 7 focus on the Epicurean
April 22: Point 2 focus on Connections
May 6: Point 5 focus on Observation
May 13: Point 8 focus on Protection

No need for a Mystery School.

The Enneagram at first appears a complicated system, but it is easily teachable when presented in triads to folks who want to access what is practical and useful about it. Dare I say: The theory is not a mystery, it can be learned and understood. It's the application that brings you to the mystery of yourself, your interactions with others and the universe around you. Join a community of folks not chasing being holy, just trying to be more human. 

Through videos of people speaking about their own type, shared course materials and live teaching, this course will present the Nine Types individually and explore the dynamics of the whole system:

Mental-Planning/Emotional-Relating/Kinesthetic-Effecting Centers
Type Foci/Worldview/Gifts/Challenges/Natural States
Move Away/Move Towards/Move Against Preferences
Wing Challenges and Resources
Resources/Stress-Security Points thru the Traditional and Harmonic Enneagrams
Instinctual Subtypes
Harmonic Stances: Positive Outlook, Competency, Reactivity
Relational and Vocational Dynamics
Higher States and Direction
(Arche)Type Themes in Literature/Film/Humanities
And plenty of time for getting your questions answered

This program is a perfect introduction to the system for the person you've wished would learn their type or the entire system. New Students and Continuing Students are encouraged to enjoy this concise and to-the-point synthesis of The Enneagram.

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