Re-Wilding the Enneagram

New Ways to Work With Your Type in Nature

Presented By:
  • Ben Campbell
Mon May 20, 2024


Date: Monday May 20, 2024
Time: 6:30-8:30pm CST
Location: Online on Zoom
Presenter: Ben Campbell (he/him)
Cost: free for MN-IEA members, $20 for guests

You’ve discovered how helpful the Enneagram can be in getting you out of your personality “box” and developing compassion for others who are wired differently. Yet, you might still have a sense that something’s missing. A quiet conviction that, deep in your Being, there is more to this Inner Work Journey than simply becoming a less reactive version of yourself. Furthermore, as someone who loves nature, it pains you to see other humans–stuck in their own personality patterns–make choices that harm the Earth. You wonder how you might use your Inner Work to help heal the relationship between humans and Nature.

In this introduction to "Rewilding the Enneagram," we focus specifically on these questions. You will leave this workshop with new ways to work with your Type in nature (including cultivating your Essential Qualities and working with your Path of Transformation), and the opportunity to develop a sense of truly belonging to the natural world by nurturing an “eco-centric” Enneagram practice.

P.S. You will do an independent activity outdoors during this presentation, so have whatever outdoor clothing you need to be prepared (sweater, umbrella, etc). If mobility is an issue, you can simply move to a window and look outside during this activity, or interact with a pet or houseplant.

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