Odyssey 2024

A Spiritual Journey Through the Mystical Wonders of Ancient Greece

Presented By:
  • Milton C. Stewart, MBA
Mon Sep 02, 2024  -  Thu Sep 12, 2024


Join us on an extraordinary 10-day spiritual journey unlike any other, as we trace the footsteps of esteemed figures like Paul and Plato. Utilizing the Enneagram as our guiding tool, we will explore the rich tapestry of Ancient Greek religions and their profound influence on the development of Christianity and our Western worldview.

Save the date from September 1st to September 12th for this captivating expedition that promises an unforgettable adventure. Our quest will commence in the vibrant city of Athens, where the intersection of history and culture creates a harmonious blend. From there, we will embark on a mesmerizing path, uncovering the hidden gems of cities such as Corinth, renowned for its architectural wonders and significant role in Greek mythology, and Meteora, where awe-inspiring monasteries perch atop majestic cliffs, leaving you enchanted by their ethereal beauty.

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