The 9 Types in Literature and Film: The Odyssey

9 Type Themes as Found in Homer's Odyssey: A 4- Session Community in July & August

Presented By:
  • Kathryn Grant
Tue Jul 09, 2024  -  Tue Aug 20, 2024


Exploring All 9 Type Themes ​as found in Homer's Odyssey
An Exciting New Online Summer Community Course
4 Tuesdays  9:30a - 1:00p Pacific; July 9 & 16 and August 13 & 20

For Odysseus it was Ithaca...
For Dorothy it was Kansas...
For ET somewhere out there...
And for you? Where is Home?
What does Home mean to you? How do you know when you arrive?
And- when you arrive is there a next task? Another trip which must be made?

Join Us!  As we travel with Odysseus on his way to Home, we will encounter challenges and questions from the Enneagram Perspectives. Questions to assist us to remove layers of semi-protective coating built up over time, enabling us to travel through life freer and with more integrity and authenticity.  So many lessons to learn – and so magnificently explored in Enneagram expert Michael Goldberg’s insightful adventure text: Travels with Odysseus.
Highly-experienced facilitator Kathryn Grant encountered the Enneagram during a four-day intensive at the Center for Spiritual Development in Orange Co., CA in 1994. It has been a love affair ever since. Kathryn immediately began seeking out other Enneagram learning opportunities and over a few years had studied with several of the then current top teachers. She found Jerry Wagner’s work which answered so many questions and deepened her understanding. Travelled to Evanston to take Jerry’s first course at Loyola University, followed closely by his advanced course – and began teaching wherever anyone would invite her. Finding that a day long course did not satisfy most folks, Kathryn developed a follow-on study group model. Meeting monthly from San Diego to San Luis Obispo this model forced her to continue to study and incorporate the work of many teachers. San Francisco was soon added.

About this time a small troop of enthusiasts formed the SoCal IEA Chapter. Serving in a variety of positions on the Board, ever increasing her knowledge base, she also was treated to other Enneagram philosophies. Through the SoCal Chapter, Kathryn met Michael Goldberg and became intrigued by his work, Travels with Odysseus. She continues to use this material in her teaching and developed workshops to introduce these two profound wisdom teachings to all who will listen. She attended several IEA conferences and was spotted by a few Board members who invited her to serve on the global Board as Conference Chair. That was an amazing experience: the challenge of creating meaningful conferences, meeting folks active in the International community, meeting and hanging out with bigwigs – like Dale. She also co-taught Jerry Wagner’s training course for six years. She has also presented at conferences – most excitedly in Helsinki, Finland.

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