Spiritual Explorers

an Evolving Enneagram cohort for braving the edges of identity

Presented By:
  • Nhien Vuong
Thu Jul 18, 2024  -  Thu Jul 18, 2024


Beyond personality, discover a life of greater authenticity, inspiration, and soul.

$425 for 9 weeks / $375 Early Bird (before June 15th)

9 Thursdays, July 18 – Sept 12, 2024, 11:30am – 1:00pm CDT
Spaces limited

Must apply to register

About this Group

Discovering your personality type is merely the trailhead to a deep, complex, and important journey to self-discovery. It’s the place we start, not the place we end.
~ Drew Moser, Ph.D., The Enneagram of Discernment

This summer, Evolving Enneagram Founder Rev. Nhien will be hosting a private community of spiritual explorers who are interested in moving beyond the Enneagram of Personality and living more fully from a place of wholeness, authenticity, purpose, and soul.

Dates/Times: Live sessions are on 9 Thursdays, July 18 – Sept 12, 2024, 11:30am – 1:00pm CDT  with ongoing private community forum for questions & sharing

This group is right for you if

  • You know your Enneagram Type
  • You are spiritually open and can hold space for those from diverse spiritual, religious, and wisdom backgrounds
  • You are interested in what it means to transcend and include personality and experience a more embodied spirituality.
  • You have some experience with contemplative practice and are open to discovering new practices, including somatic inquiry, in community with fellow souljourners.
  • You are willing to engage this online space with presence (video will be required to be on so we can create a collective field of compassionate witnessing for ourselves and one another), setting aside distractions

What to Expect

Together, we will co-create a compassion-based, contemplative holding space for nurturing a greater sense of authenticity and meaning in your being and in your life. This is a confidential group facilitated by Rev. Nhien as well as the wellspring of a conscious community of Enneagram-literate participants across the divides of nationality, gender, race, and religious/spiritual background.

  • Live small-group mentoring sessions with Rev Nhien​

Get hands on support via nine 90-minute small-group live spiritual mentoring sessions with Evolving Enneagram Founder Rev. Nhien.

Dates/times of live sessions: 9 Thursdays, July 18 – Sept 12, 2024, 11:30am – 1:00pm CDT.

Mentoring will involve somatic inquiry work, Enneagram teaching, and spiritual counseling as appropriate. Bring to the group both your celebrations and joys as well as the issues that are keeping you from expressing your authentic, highest self.

  • Embodied Contemplative Practices

Cultivate spaciousness and grounded presence through diverse guided contemplative practices including Somatic Enneagram™ practices, all of which will be taught.

  • Inclusive International, Inter-spiritual Small Group

Reap the gifts of a diverse, inclusive, international, and inter-spiritual community of spiritual seekers that is also a small enough group to offer a space for depth and intimacy. Group size: Minimum 8 and max 15

  • Discuss the topics most alive for you!

This group is a place to explore the topics most important to, and alive for, you today. Possible topics include but are not limited to Ennea-Type bias, inter-spirituality, sexuality or gender, inclusivity, and prosperity, among others.

  • Private Online Community

Gain access to a private moderated online community forum for asking questions in between group meetings, cultivated soul friendships, offering peer support, networking, sharing resources, and building your referral base.

  • Tuition, Early Bird Rate, Scholarship Fund

Tuition is $425 for the entire 9-week session. Early bird rate = $375 (For Early Bird Rate, must apply, get approved, and pay by June 15).

A limited no. of scholarships are available upon request. Please fill out the appropriate sections in your application form. If you wish to support our scholarship fund, please let us know in the application form for this group as well! Contributions such as yours help us to offer our program to individuals around the globe who might otherwise have no or limited access to these types of programs.

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