Finding Freedom: Object Relations and the Enneagram

Presented By:
  • Belinda Gore
Thu Oct 10, 2024  -  Thu Nov 21, 2024


Finding Freedom in Relationships Using Object Relations and the Enneagram (Part One)

INSTRUCTOR: Belinda Gore
Approved for 10.5 ICF CCE Units (7.0 Core, 3.5 Resource Development)

Belinda’s book, “Finding Freedom: Understanding Our Relationships Using Object Relations and the Enneagram“, is the textbook for the course. It is the foundation for the three-part 21 week course she has been teaching for over a decade, looking at how we become reactive when current relationships trigger old patterns.

In the first  seven weeks of Part One, you will learn how three Primary Objects and three Dominant Affects form a 3 x 3 matrix to explain the underlying structure of each of the nine Enneagram types. Experiential exercises with fellow students, using virtual breakout rooms, give you the opportunity to have a direct experience of this rich material. We will also focus on how to guide others in getting free of constricting patterns and how to have healthier and more rewarding relationships.

Following are the key topics we will cover:

  • An understanding of fundamental Object Relations theory.
  • How the nine Enneagram types reveal the three patterns of dominant affect and the three primary Objects in the world of the infant when early relationship dynamics are forming.
  • How to recognize each pattern first in ourselves, then in others.
  • Tools for engaging each pattern and, through awareness, releasing the ways we tend to project them onto others.
  • How to support the process of healing relationships through learning to make authentic connections.
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