Enneagram Portland Oregon Retreat Day

Dale Rhodes, M.S., M.A. and Deb Lyman, LCSW

Presented By:
  • Dale Rhodes, M.S., M.A.
Sat Sep 21, 2024
PSU Student Union


Join a community that meets in-person twice per year in Oregon:  Fall in Portland and Spring at The Coast.

Deb Lyman (6) and Dale Rhodes (4) facilitate teachings, small groups and panels.  Therapist and Mentor, both are graduates of The Narrative Tradition and were fortunate to be members of Bill Schafer's (Mexico yearly) Contemplative Study Group. Sometimes affectionately known as the 6/4 combo "Loyal and Royal" or for fun "Snipe and Gripe"... Deb and Dale have included these themes in the past:

  • How Type and Instinct Affect Friendship Decisions
  • Exploring the Types of Mentors and Their Influences on Your Development
  • Exploring What the High Side of Type Actually Is
  • Defense Mechanisms: How They Work and When They Won't

We love our ever-growing vibrant community.  All levels and walks of life are welcome.  Registration opens late summer.

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