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Enneagram School of Awakening

Sponsored By: Lissa Friedman

Based In: Asheville North Carolina 28805 United States

Accredited Training Programs:
Accredited Instructors:
  • Ali McGhee
  • Lissa Friedman
  • Tammy Hendrix
  • Valerie Wanamaker
Enneagram School Description:


The Enneagram comes from an ancient tradition of mystery schools that formed with the purpose of liberation, enlightenment, and awakening to our essential nature. The Enneagram School of Awakening was established in keeping with that tradition.
We are devoted to supporting humanity’s journey of awakening – through embodiment of the energetics of the enneatypes from fixation to essence.
Our school is grounded in the understanding that everything in the universe is made of one Consciousness. So all enneatypes are Consciousness – when they are fixated and when they are free. When the energy of Consciousness is contracted it forms a fixated personality – separation, suffering, and the desire to be free. When the energy is free, we know, embody, and radiate our essential nature – we experience the liberation of wholeness.
Our school is dedicated to the awakening of all beings through the wisdom and embodiment of our true nature. Our school honors each student wherever they are on the journey from fixation to freedom.