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Based In: Shanghai Shanghai China

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Accredited Training Programs:
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  • Gao Yuan
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Shanghai, China

This school offers Accredited Training Programs:

  • Diamond Enneagram Program
    • The Diamond Enneagram Program is the entry level program for people who are interested in Enneagram Learning or who has requirement for self improvement.
    • The students will get the following benefits by completing the program.
      • Deep understanding of the different personality, learning the skill of communication with different people, improving the relationship.
      • Beginning the journey of self awareness, learning the relationship of behavior, emotion and mind.
      • Knowing yourself, evaluating the status in the path of inner growing.
    • The students will have three full day on-site learning. They will deeply understand how different people are. Volunteers of different types will be interviewed in the workshop. Many students will find out which type they are and get understand of their behaviors. Instructor will show they methods of how to get well with different types which will benefit them a lot.
  • Diamond Inner Growth
    • At this program, students start to do their inner growth through deepen their self-awareness. We will explore the instinct, passion, subtype and type in this course. Students will learn how and instinct and passion work and form the 27 subtype.
    • The growth path of each subtype will be shown. Individual interview will be arranged in the workshop. Students will watch and learn from the interview. Instructor will give the students selected individual advice while others can learn from the similar cases.
  • Diamond Enneagram Professional
    • At this program, students will learn how to identify the type in 45 minutes by individual interview.
      36 Keys in Knowing People is the core method and value of this program. It consists of diagnostic methods by hearing, seeing, feeling and talking. The students will practice all these methods in 4 days.
    • Interview with each other in the classroom and interview with strangers outside the classroom will help the students to consolidate what they have learned.

This school also offers: Enneagram Instructor Training Program.