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Enneagram Europe & Enneagram Nederland

Sponsored By: Jeanette van Stijn

Based In: The Hague ZH 2516BE Netherlands

Accredited Training Programs:
Accredited Instructors:
  • Jeanette van Stijn
Enneagram School Description:

Enneagram Europe (English Spoken) and Enneagram Nederland (Dutch Spoken)

Accredited Practitioner Training Programs (with certificates of attendance):

  • Enneagram Practitioner - Training Program
  • Enneagram Master Practitioner - Retreat Program

Accredited Professional Training Programs (with exames for qualification):

  • Enneagram Analist - Professional Training Program
  • Enneagram Teacher - Professional Training Program
  • Enneagram Team Trainer - Professional Training Program
  • EnneaProces Coach & Counselor (EPCC) - Professional Training Program

The school also offers workshops:

  • EnneaQuickStart - one-day program
  • EnneaPanels - one-day program