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Consciousness Academy (Enneagram Egypt)

Sponsored By: Khaled M ElSherbini

Based In: Cairo Cairo Governorate 11111 Egypt

Accredited Training Programs:
Accredited Instructors:
  • Hoda Mohsen Mahgoub
  • Ingy El Kably
  • Khaled M ElSherbini
  • Mohammad Mustafa
  • Nataliia Bolshakova
  • Noha Ismail Talaat
Enneagram School Description:

Enneagram Egypt provides 4 one-year-long training programs, each consisting of 3 levels:

1. Awaken through Enneagram: the beginner program, taking you deep into the heart of the Enneagram model.

2. Integral Enneagram: the advanced program, building upon the Enneagram knowledge and integrating it with Wilber's Integral Consciousness model.

3. Conscious Coaching: Coaching individuals and relationships with the Integral Enneagram Model

4. Integral Enneagram Teacher & Trainer: teaching, training, coaching, and mentorship using the Integral Enneagram model.


Enneagram Egypt also provides the following programs on-demand:

5. Enneagram for Teenagers

6. Enneagram for Pre-teens

7. Enneagram Egypt School Project