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Enneagram Institute of Finland, Coaching Academy of Finland

Sponsored By: Marika Borg

Based In: Espoo . 2360 Finland

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Accredited Training Programs:
Accredited Instructors:
  • Marika Borg
Enneagram School Description:

This Accredited Enneagram School is sponsored by IEA Accredited Professional Marika Borg.

Accredited Training Program Offered:

This program is a comprehensive Enneagram Training Program that spans 10 months with 8-10 (2 Day) workshops plus fieldwork including a thesis.

This program is held annually in Helsinki

Pre-requisites: Should have some familiarity with the Enneagram but no specific pre-requisite & have to study material (our own) before starting the program.

This program provides a comprehensive Enneagram education.

Certification as an EIF Enneagram Trainer, the certificate requires fieldwork including a thesis.

This school also offers coaching with the Enneagram. Other workshops include: MB Master Coach Training, MB Coaching.