Sponsored By: Terry Saracino

Based In: Boulder CO 80306

Accredited Training Programs:
Accredited Instructors:
  • Christopher T. Copeland
  • Peter O'Hanrahan
  • Renee Rosario
  • Terry Saracino
Enneagram School Description:

Narrative Enneagram programs offer an interactive exploration of the nine personality types through inquiry with panelists who share their personal stories and insights. Join us and experience the gift of compassion toward yourself and others as you break out of the box of your type structure and learn to appreciate different points of view. 

An educational nonprofit, we are the world’s longest running Enneagram school, with trainings currently in 12 countries. Our teaching methods include panels in the Narrative Tradition, dyads, lectures, body centering, breathing and self-awareness practices. We offer a limited number of scholarships to students who cannot afford the full cost of our trainings and meet other criteria: intention to teach, diversity, nonprofit or community service, and volunteer teaching.

There are plans for new online learning opportunities next year in addition to our core trainings and world-class certification tracks for Narrative Enneagram Teachers and Practitioners. Our Core Faculty includes Terry Saracino, Peter O'Hanrahan, Renée Rosario, and Christopher Copeland.

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Accredited Training Programs:Narrative Enneagram Core Program & Narrative Professional Training Program

Additional Programs: Certified Narrative Enneagram Teacher:Internship and Certification – Certified Narrative Enneagram Teacher & Certified Narrative Enneagram Practitioner

Narrative Enneagram Learning Community - The Narrative Enneagram Learning Community is for experienced students who want to continue their journey of self-development in an ongoing community of Enneagram practitioners. The Learning Community is neither a workshop nor a training, but rather an ongoing community of twice-yearly gatherings for learning and support.

Workshops by Core Faculty