Sponsored By: David Sherry

Based In: Melbourne VIC 3004 Australia

Accredited Training Programs:
Accredited Instructors:
  • David Sherry
  • Vicki Baccini
Enneagram School Description:

Offered Continual Online and when allowed in three states of Australia.

This school offer an Accredited Training Program:

Moving Forward Australia Facilitator Training

Below is an outline of how the curriculum is constructed:

Module 1: Attendance at the one day "Understanding the Enneagram and How it works". This is an educational day to gain an early insight into the study. (8 hours)

Module 2: Attendance in "A day to Remember" of which one half day is dedicated to the Enneagram in the Workplace. (4 hours)

Module 3: Attendance in the three day intensive "Diluting the Icebergs" of which one day is dedicated to the emotional aspects of the Enneagram. (8 hours)

Submission of assignment one incl. a minimum of 15 external hours of study. (1 hour review) 

Module 4: A series of 53 Zoom/Skype sessions conducted weekly for a minimum of one hour duration each as follows: (53 hours)

  • An overview of the types individually as well as a summary in week ten (total ten sessions).
  • The study of the types and individual wings (total nine sessions).
  • The study of the triads (total 3 sessions).
  • An in depth study into the sub-types (total twenty-seven sessions).
  • Consolidation and summarizing of the previous sessions, lessons, (total four sessions).

(Submission of assignment two incl. a minimum of 20 external hours of study. (1 hour review)

nb: There is a maximum of four students at a time for the individual zoom/skype sessions.

This program provides a specialized focus on a specific Enneagram approach or application.

A certificate is provided. Upon completion of this training program along with the completion of the two set Enneagram based assignments, the participant is certified by MFA to deliver two MFA workshops, Moving Forward 1 and Moving Forward 2.

The certificate requires fieldwork or an assessment of mastery. The curriculum of Moving Forward Australia facilitation and instruction requires a structured and accredited evaluation process and on completion the requirement to submit two set Enneagram based assignments in relation to the subject matter that the participants will bear witness to within the conducted programs and study. For completion of the two set assignments a minimum of 100 hours of study is required in order to reach the set standard of knowledge.

This school offers certifications beyond certificates of completion for the individual Training Program.