Sponsored By: Ipek Serifsoy

Based In: Mill Valley CA 94941 United States

Accredited Training Programs:
Accredited Instructors:
  • Belinda Gore
  • Ipek Serifsoy
  • Jared Bingham
  • Simon Goland
  • Terri Lieberman
Enneagram School Description:

Human Development Professionals seeking to expand their capacity for connection with themselves and their clients come to Deep Coaching Institute (DCI). Our ten-month Deep Coaching Certification Program (DCC) is well suited for experienced coaches, therapists, spiritual directors, and organization development professionals, who wish to offer an Enneagram-Based approach to the Practice of Presence to promote more expansive states of being, thinking and acting to clients.

Corporate Leaders turn to Deep Coaching Institute for our Building Coaching Presence for Leaders week-long retreats to build their capacity for presence when working with direct reports and cross-functional colleagues. While coaching includes skills such as listening, asking questions, providing and receiving feedback, the core capacity underlying these skills is the capacity for Coaching Presence – a way of being that enables the coach to facilitate positive change and transformation. Leaders with Coaching Presence become co-creators of generative coaching conversations that empower and inspire others to see themselves and the world around them in clearer ways.

In addition to our Training Programs, DCI offers the following (for complete descriptions of these offerings, please visit the DCI website (

1) Enneagram Learning Series: Several Enneagram Infused Virtual Course Offerings:

  • Introduction to Deep Coaching
  • Somatic Awareness and the Enneagram
  • Object Relations and the Enneagram Parts One and Two

2) DCI Mastery Course: Professional Development Series

3) DCI Learning Community: we foster a deeply cohesive and supportive learning community for our Deep Coaching Certification program graduates. This community is a natural outgrowth of the shared DCC experience, DCI's shared values of compassion toward self and others, living an awakened life, and having a commitment to our collective mission of “being a force for positive change in the world.” Ongoing online gatherings, master level courses, and Professional Development Groups, as well as informal gatherings and cross-pollination through referrals, promote a deep sense of belonging within the graduate community. As many graduates have expressed, “I have found my people in the DCI/DCC community”.

Located in Mill Valley CA, USA