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Three-Stage Certification Courses of Enneagram

Sponsored By: ENP Academy

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  • City: Beijing
  • ZIP / Postal Code:
  • Country: China

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Accredited Instructors:
  • Han Gong Yuan
  • Li Jing
Training Program Description:

Beijing, China.

This Accredited Program is sponsored by IEA Accredited Professionals Han Gongyuan and Li Jing and by the IEA Accredited Enneagram School: ENP Academy.

Three-Stage Certification Courses of Enneagram. This program is offered once every 3 months: There are no pre-requisites.This program provides a comprehensive Enneagram education. This program provides a specialized focus on a specific Enneagram approach/application. This program awards a certificate 

Three-stage certification courses of Enneagram:

  • The First stage: Enneagram——Personality structure and psychological defense Learning goals: know the 9 types of Enneagram, the defense mechanism and personality structure of every type, and preliminary understanding their thinking habit and emotional habit. Total hours: 3 days, 24 hours in total
  • The Second stage: Enneagram——Sub-type with interpersonal relationships Learning goals: Understanding 3 natural sub-types in Enneagram, and the evolution of 27 types of personality. Total hours: 3 days, 24 hours in total
  • The Third Stage: Enneagram——Interview and Application ( teaching materials as before) Learning goals: Learn the inner performance of a type and try to apply the Enneagram to daily life. Total hours: 4 days, 32 hours in total