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Enneagram for Teenagers and Pre-teens Program

Based In: Cairo Cairo 11111 Egypt

Accredited Instructors:
  • Nataliia Bolshakova
Training Program Description:

Enneagram for Teenagers and Pre-teens Program is aiming to promote consciousness, self-awareness and emotional intelligence of Teenagers (years 13-16) and Pre-teens (years 9 -12). The goal of the program is broadening cognitive, psychological and emotional capacity of teens and pre-teens; cultivating kindness and empathy to each other and self; pumping self-confidence and self-acceptance and that of others. The program is built with consideration of psychological stages of development of children and young adults.

     Enneagram for Teenagers and Pre-teens program includes:

  • Educating material on the Enneagram
  • Learning through Edutainment
  • Interactive Games
  • Panels
  • Discussions/Sharing
  • Self-observation tasks
  • Character building Exercises
  • Drama
  • Story telling
  • Art - drawing and crafting
  • Exercises for each type
  • Working independently and in groups
  • Checking the covered material tasks
  • Techniques and tools to manage Thoughts and Emotions


4 Modules with duration of one Module 14 hours over several days.


Interactive Components:


Games (educational and interactive)

Videos and Media

Personal interaction and with the group


Work in small and big groups

Team building and emotional intelligence exercises


Reflecting and self-observation tasks


Acting Drama tasks and exercises