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Equity in Action: Business Program Certification

Sponsored By AP: Sharon K. Ball

Based In: Nashville TN United States

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Accredited Instructors:
  • Sharon K. Ball
Training Program Description:

4 days, 32 hours, multiple events

Equity in Action: Business Program Certificate
January 28-30, 2021: Summit launch: (3 Day) 8:30-4:00
March, May, July, September, November: (5) 90 minute modules
January 2022: 2 Day Graduation and Finale, 8:30-4:00

There is a virtual option to respond to COVID-19

Organization pre-requisites:
1. All participants have received diversity and inclusion training.
2. Organization must be willing to implement all of the Equity in Action material.
4. A level of commitment that 9Paths deems adequate to implement a program like this.

This program provides a specialized focus on a specific Enneagram approach/application.

1. Overview of the Enneagram Personality Mapping System
2. Develop understanding of how type communicates, gives feedback, manages conflict and affects leadership and belonging in the workplace.
3. Develops understanding of unconscious biases through type and the systems that surround the individual.
4. Educate on cultural competency and addressing issues like:
a. racial fatigue
b. double-consciousness,
c. code-switching
d. racial bypass
e. racial dynamics specific to the workplace
f. Intergenerational trauma

5. Educates on the challenges that block or slow marginalized groups in advancing:
The challenge workplace psychological safety
The challenge of systemic racism
The challenge of visibiliity
The challenge of relatability
The challenge of equality
The challenge of succession
The challenge of intersectionality

6. Educates on white privilege and diversity of thought.
7. Educates on how to facilitate conversations around race.

This program requires fieldwork/an assessment of mastery.

The business12-15 month program: Certificate for Equity in Action: Business Program Certificate

1.Small group final assignment: Develops project that benefits the advancment of equity in their organization or community.
2. Group presents the final two days of training.
3. One sheet required and group 20 minute presentation.
4. Complete 30 question test

This program has been implemented and a white paper is in the process of being written to be published. The results focus on senior white leaders paired with African-American proteges and the use of the Enneagram as guide for discovering unconscious bias, building sustainable relationships through strategic pairing and the fantastic results showing approximately 70% of the protege's advanced or received special projects as a result of the program. We will begin pairing their Asian-American cohort #1 and African-American cohort #2 in September.