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Equity in Action: Fostering Inclusion (TTT)

Sponsored By AP: Sharon K. Ball

Based In: Nashville United States

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Accredited Instructors:
  • Sharon K. Ball
Training Program Description:

8 Days, 30 hours, 7 multiple events.

Train-the-Trainer Program will launch in January 2021 virtually due to COVID-19.

January 18 & 19: Virtually kick-off

February 10 & 24: 2 (3 hour modules)

March 10 & 24: 2 (3 hour modules)

April 5: Final Day (6 hours)

The pre-requisite for this program:

  1.  Certified Enneagram Coach (IEA approved training programs)
  2. Licensed Professional Counselor or Social Worker
  3. ICF Coach

This program provides a specialized focus on a specific Enneagram approach/application.

This program uses the Enneagram as an approach to fostering an inclusive world.

  1. Reviews the Enneagram Personality Mapping System
  2. Develops understanding of how type communicates, gives feedback, manages conflict and affects leadership through the lens of race.
  3. Develops understanding of unconscious biases through type.Educates on how the systems the participant lived in affects their biases.
  4. Educates on cultural competency and addressing issues like:
    • a. racial fatigue
    • b. double-consciousness,
    • c. code-switching
    • d. racial bypass
    • e. racial dynamics specific to the workplace
    • f. Intergenerational trauma

5. Educates on the challenges that block or slow marginalized groups in advancing:

The challenge workplace psychological safety
The challenge of systemic racism
The challenge of visibiliity
The challenge of relatability
The challenge of equality
The challenge of succession
The challenge of intersectionality

6. Educates on white privilege and diversity of thought.
7. Educates on how to facilitate conversations around race.

This program provides a certificate and requires fieldwork/an assessment of mastery.


1. Individual presentation on the final day of class.
2. One sheet discovery of their own journey of white privilege.
3. Q & A conversation with the class around their insights.
*This is required as an exercise of experiencing the discomfort and learning how to allow it, move through it and bridge the white privilege gap.
4. Complete 45 question test

This TTT certification of Action in Equity is designed specifically for those trainers/coaches/counselors/leaders who need cultural competency training. During these unprecedented times and as racial tensions rise we need grounded, informed Enneagram teachers who are culturally competent. Although this curriculum specifically targets race, it is easily applied to all marginalized communities.


Former knowledge of the Enneagram.