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Aephoria Enneagram Professional Training (AEPT)

Sponsored By AES: Aephoria Partners PTY LTD

Based In: Cape Town WC South Africa

Training Program Description:

Cape Town, South Africa, All courses are offered online.

The AEPT consists of four three day modules covering the Enneagram, the Enneagram and maturity, Facilitating teams using the Enneagram and vertical development and Organisational development using the Enneagram and vertical development. These are described separately below.

Learning outcomes and objectives
1. Developing and growing practitioner’s relationship with the Enneagram in their own development and practice
2. Build solid, mature and integrated ways of working with clients when introducing and working with the Enneagram
3. Introduce the relationship between horizontal and vertical development
4. Move the Enneagram conversation beyond typing and into identity expansion, working with stuckness, maturation and leadership development
5. Build sensitivity and skill that supports using the Enneagram within different contexts including working appropriately in a diverse and inclusive way
6. Introduce the application of the Enneagram and vertical development to address team dynamics and support team effectiveness in team coaching
7. Introduce a way of working in organisational development using the Enneagram and vertical development
7. Establish the necessary technical understanding of the AIM tool to ensure confident application of the tool when working with clients

Course outline

Module 1: Building Enneagram skills
- Introduction to the Enneagram
- Supporting individual development using the Enneagram
- Contracting and ethics in Enneagram conversations

Conversion course in lieu of Module 1
(If you already have a qualification in working with the Enneagram at individual levels you can complete a one conversion course to our approach).
- Working more deeply with childhood patterning
- Understanding how the AIM Enneagram report works

Module 2: Understanding vertical development in relation to the Enneagram
- Introduction to the vertical development
- Understanding how to support coachess through vertical development
- Giving feedback using integrated Enneagram and vertical deveiopment data
- Contracting and ethics in vertical development

Module 3: Facilitating teams using the Enneagram and vertical development
- Using the Enneagram and vertical development to understand team dynamics
- An introduction to existential thinking about team dynamics
- Contracting and ethics in team development

Module 4: Organisational development using the Enneagram and vertical development
- Applying the Enneagram and vertical development to organisations and systems
- The Organisation Development cycle in context - from contracting, to diagnosis, to design and intervention
- Thinking through interventions from the perspective of the Enneagram and vertical development
- Working with complexity and system change from the perspective of the Enneagram and vertical development
- Measuring ROI of interventions

All courses are offered online.

Level 1
• 16,17,18 September (Europe and SA timezone)
• 11,12,13 November (USA timezone)

Conversion course for those who have already have an Enneagram qualification
- 13 July (Europe and SA timezone)

Level 2
• 29,30,31 July (Europe and SA timezone)
• 5,6,7 August (USA timezone)
- 14,15,16 October (Europe and SA timezone)

Level 3
• 17, 17, 18 November (Timezone decided based on participants)

Level 4
- 2,3,4 December (Timezone decided based on participants)


This programme is aimed at coaches, therapists & organisational development consultants.

Entry requirements:
1. Some experience in coaching, mentoring, therapy, counselling or organisational development.
2. Applicants that have a qualification in working with the Enneagram can substitute a one day conversion course with Module 1

This program provides a comprehensive Enneagram education.

This program provides a certificate of completion.

The programme participant needs to show the aptitude, skills, attitude and commitment necessary to achieve this qualification. Participants will only be able to achieve this qualification if they are able to provide practice-based evidence of meeting the assessment criteria.

The programme is in process of the application with the ICF (International Coach Federation) for Continuing Education accreditation.

The certificate is awarded to participants who meet the accreditation requirements. These entail a case studies for each module. The certification states that the participant is accredited in using the AIM tool for Enneagram assessments and reports during feedback sessions.

This program requires fieldwork.

Each module requires fieldwork and the submission of a case study for accreditation. These include verbatims of coaching sessions for Level 1, 2 as well as for the conversion module. Level 3 requires a team intervention and a report on the learning from this. Level 4 requires a system based intervention(System = organisation, family) and a report on this work.

This program offers continued education

We offer ongoing weekly group supervision for those who have completed Level 1 and Level 2. At the moment we are offering these sessions for free. These sessions include facilitated discussions by Aephoria facilitators as well as guest speakers from a variety of other fields including Existential coaching, Vertical development, System change and others.