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Diamond Enneagram Professional

Sponsored By AES: Diamond Enneagram School

Based In: Shanghai Shanghai China

Training Program Description:

Shanghai, China

Single event, 4 days | 36 hours. Offered quarterly.

Pre-requisite: must have completed the Diamond Enneagram Program first.

This program provides a specialized focus on a specific Enneagram approach or application.

At this program, students will learn how to identify the type in 45 minutes by individual interview. 36 Keys in Knowing People is the core method and value of this program. It consists of diagnostic methods by hearing, seeing, feeling and talking. The students will practice all these methods in 4 days.

Interview with each other in the classroom and interview with strangers outside the classroom will help the students to consolidate what they have learned.

Students will receive the certificate of DP (Diamond Program) Certification.