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Essential Institute: Theory & Application of the Essential Enneagram (in coaching) -online or presential-

Sponsored By AP: Cris Bolívar Farràs

Based In: Barcelona Barcelona 08035 Spain

Accredited Instructors:
  • Cris Bolívar Farràs
Training Program Description:

Barcelona, Spain

8 days | 32 hours

Multiple events (4)

Various editions (3-4) of the program are offered each year in present or virtual mode. Every edition consists in 8 days of live program (32 hours) plus 40 hours of study materials on a virtual campus platform.

Pre-requisites: Previous practice or training as a coach is recommended.

This program is taugth by Cris Bolívar, the first Spanish Acredited Professional with Distinction in Enneagram (APD).

This training program provides a specialized focus on a specific Enneagram approach, Essential Enneagram.

This training includes theoretic elements and the application of the enneagram through the profound approach of Essentiality (Essential Enneagram) and Essential Coaching as a tool for developing oneself and others.

This program provides a certificate of completion.

Continuing Education Units: CCEs for ICF portfolio application or credential renewal CEUs for IEA accreditation Credits in Essential Training

We provide our own virtual campus where participants share materials, engage in forums, revise coaching sessions with the Essential Enneagram Approach and do complementary and follow-up tasks. Participants can have attended other courses or activities of the Essential Institute on the Essential Enneagram Approach, like "Introduction to the Essential Enneagram", "Essential Enneagram for the improvement of interpersonal relationships and the Being", "Enneagramatic Constellations" etc. but it is not a pre-requisite.

Interactive Components:

Break-out groups, excercises, reflections, coaching sessions, art, movement, journaling,  study cases…