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Effective Enneagram Assessment Solutions Workshop

Based In: San Francisco CA United States

Training Program Description:

Once a year in the San Francisco area, São Paulo, London, Cairo, and Shanghai

5 days | 40 hours

This workshop focuses on typing, assessment of key issues, and specific "solutions" to address specific Enneagram-related issues. Participants who complete this workshop will acquire a unique capacity to help clients locate their main type and subtype, while identifying what exactly is going on and how to solve the most central problems associated with different elements of the Enneagram system. This will greatly enhance the professional’s capacity to use the Enneagram in its complexity and potential reach.

In this workshop, Providing Effective Enneagram Solutions, Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes use a mix of interactive methodologies to teach participants key ways to integrate the Enneagram in doing effective work with clients:

  • Methods to help clients find their Enneagram Types, Subtypes and Instinctual Sequences using CP Enneagram typing tools
  • Exploration of the efficacy of Enneagram tests currently available and assessing their strengths and weaknesses. How to guide clients after they take these tests and how to make safe use of them.
  • Newly developed advanced assessment techniques. Exclusive theory and cases to help participants accurately identify how to help each client see themselves more clearly using the Enneagram map, by identifying where exactly where specific problems originate Enneagram-wise.

Certificate of Completition

Only if the person is enrolled in the Professional Certification Program, of which this is one part.

CE: ICF application in process