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Inner Work Retreat B - The Transformational Enneagram

Based In: San Francisco CA United States

Training Program Description:

Annually in San Francisco area, São Paulo, London, Cairo, and Shanghai.

5 days | 40 hours

By supporting each other in examining relationships with parents, elements of the personal shadow, and the ability to experience the 3 key egoic emotions, we will leverage Enneagram insights connected to the Gurdjieffian centers of intelligence, specific aspects of our arrow-connected points, meditation techniques, and small group learning focused on taking in feedback to do the work to dis-identify more completely from our egos. We will do challenging psychological work to create more balance, inner peace, and freedom from the personality patterns that keep us from reaching our higher potentials. This retreat also includes some physical/somatic “mat work” on the Enneagram symbol.

Pre-requisites: Inner Work Retreat A - Enneagram 2.0

Certificate: Certificate of Completion

No fieldwork is required for a Certification of Completion. Fieldwork is required for those participating in Personal Mastery Program.

Continuing Education Hours are offered for psychotherapists with specific degrees through a California-based professional organization.