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Enneagram Practitioner Training

Sponsored By AP: Claus Roager

Based In: Roskilde Roskilde 4000 Denmark

Accredited Instructors:
  • Claus Roager
  • Susanne Povelsen
Training Program Description:

Roskilde, Denmark.

This program is taught in 5 Modules | 10 days |75 hours.

The Practitioner training consists of four 2-day special modules in which you go into depth with specific Enneagram knowledge, from understanding the dynamics of the levels of self-insight to strong tools with the Enneagram in your communication. The training ends with 2 days certification. The program includes personal coaching which is a pre-requisite for Certification. In 2021 we have set up three Practitioner Training Programs - 1 in spring and 2 in autumn.


2 teachers on each module 4 special modules in 2 days 1 certification module of 2 days 4 personal coaching sessions Literature package containing the books "Enneagram's Wisdom", "Personality Types" and Enneagram folders "Conflict Management", "Feedback" and "Communication"

This program is held two times annually in Roskilde.

The pre-requisites for this program:

In order to participate, you must have knowledge of the Enneagram, corresponding to our Basic Education modules 1 and 2 or the equivalent of 4 days of Enneagram training from another Enneagram provider.

This program provides a comprehensive Enneagram education.

This program provides a certificate: Certified Enneagram Practitioner

This certificate requires fieldwork/assessment of mastery: Final Certification Module includes an exam.

Interactive Components:

During this education the participants are divided into small break-out groups discussing different topics provided by the trainers.


To enter our Practitioner education you need to have finalized a Enneagram Basic education.