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Certification Module as Enneagram Teacher

Based In: Mexico City CDMX Mexico

Training Program Description:

Mexico City, Mexico.

This Accredited Training Program is sponsored by IEA Accredited Professional Adelaida Harrison and the Accredited Enneagram School Enneagram Coaching Center.

It will be offered once a year.

24 hours in monthly sessions which include coaching sessions to accompany the student in the development of materials.


  • Having completed and accredited the 4 Enneagram Training programs
    • Review of the different schools and trends of the Enneagram
    • Pedagogy and support materials to teach.
    • Preparation of support material
    • Deliver your curricula to teach.

Most programs are delivered in Mexico City or at distance by zoom platform.
Certification is offered to all groups that complete training.

Pre-requisite: Completion of the "Complete Enneagram Training Program"

Certificate awarded: Certification as Enneagram Teacher