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Deep Coaching Certification Program

Sponsored By AES: Deep Coaching Institute

Based In: Mill Valley CA 94941 United States

Accredited Instructors:
  • Belinda Gore
  • Brian Mitchell-Walker
  • Devon Carter
  • Diana Redmond
  • Ipek Serifsoy
  • Roxanne Howe-Murphy, EdD
Training Program Description:

Mill Valley, California, USA.

This program is sponsored by IEA Accredited Professional: Ipek Serifsoy and the Accredited Enneagram School: Deep Coaching Institute.

This program is 5 multiple events | 300 days | 100 hours

Human Development Professionals seeking to expand their capacity for connection with themselves and their clients come to DCI for our ten-month Deep Coaching Certification Program (DCC). Through this ICF Certified coach training program, we provide the container that enables these professionals to build their capacity for the eminently practical and profound nature of presence using the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram.

The DCC is broken into five courses with each course building on the next. Through two live retreats, two virtual courses and five months of supervised fieldwork, students build a foundational understanding of presence as a basis for a compassion-filled, truth-based change process. The Enneagram, and its myriad uses, enables students to lift the veil of their personalities revealing their authentic nature, and helping them walk away with deeper intelligence. This internal transformational work enriches students to do transformational work with their clients. Weekly contact with, and frequent availability of faculty, mentors and colleagues throughout the program fosters profound shifts, both personally and professionally.

The Deep Coaching Certification Program (DCC) is offered annually. Part I (Building Coaching Presence) is a live retreat that starts in April and runs for about one week; Part II (Illuminating the Human Condition) is an eleven week live virtual course that meets weekly between May and July. Part III (Enneagram Typing) is a four week live virtual course that meets weekly between August and September. Part IV (Integrating Coaching Presence) is a live retreat that starts in late September / early October and runs for about a week; Part Five (Fieldwork and Case Studies) is a five month live virtual and independent study course supervised by a Senior Faculty member that starts in September and runs through January.


If a student feels called to the Deep Coaching Certification Program, the studdent will have a richer experience if the student has the following foundation by the time the program starts:

1) Basic instruction in the Enneagram and a sense of the student's own Enneagram type.
2) That the student's work experience has helped prepare the student personally and/or professionally to be in a program that will enhance the student's ability to coach others.
3) That the student has read one of Roxanne Howe-Murphy’s books, Deep Coaching or Deep Living, to get a sense of DCI's approach to coaching.

In addition, there is a coaching requirement while engaged in the program: As with any human development program, students gain not only from learning about the DCI coaching methodology, but also by being coached by someone trained in the methodology. A minimum of 10 hours of individual coaching, with an approved Deep Coaching Certified coach, are required during the course of the program. Students pay for this additional coaching and the cost is separate from the program tuition.

This program provides a comprehensive Enneagram education.

Graduated Students receive a Certificate of Completion.

To become a Deep Coaching practitioner and receive Deep Coaching certification, a student must submit two case studies and have these case studies approved by a DCI Senior Faculty member, who is also the students fieldwork supervisor. Each case study includes a 30-minute recording of a coaching session, a backdrop that precedes the coaching session, a transcript of the session, plus the student's own evaluation of the session, including an assessment of the overall coaching process with the client.

ICF Approved 100 hours for ACSTH and/or CCE’s