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Narrative Enneagram Foundational Program

Sponsored By AES: The Narrative Enneagram

Based In: Boulder CO 80306 United States

Accredited Instructors:
  • Christopher T. Copeland
  • Peter O'Hanrahan
  • Renee Rosario
  • Terry Saracino
Training Program Description:

The Narrative Enneagram is the longest-running Enneagram School in the world, and in 2022 we became the first IEA Accredited School with Distinction. Our Foundational Courses will immerse you in the experiential Narrative Enneagram panel method.

In this four-course program, you’ll learn through the stories of others – experiencing the nine Enneagram types at a psychological, spiritual, and somatic level. This is the perfect place to start if you’re here for personal development, and these courses are also required for those who choose to pursue our Professional Certification as a Narrative Enneagram Teacher or Practitioner.

All courses include teaching from leading Enneagram experts, facilitated panel interviews that bring the nine types to life, and small group discussion for diving deeper into your own type and the types of others. We offer a variety of formats (in-person, online, weekend, weeknight) so you can choose the option that works best for you.

Foundational Courses Include:
Experiencing the Narrative Enneagram walks through the nine types and Enneagram dynamics and lays the groundwork for transformation. You'll explore the psychological, spiritual, and somatic elements and bring the types to life through panel interviews.

Exploring Instinctual Subtypes dives into the three instinctual drives (self-preservation, one-to-one, social) and 27 subtypes. By becoming more awake to your own subtype, you can improve your communication, reduce conflict, and build new bridges with your loved ones.

Engaging Transformational Growth expands on what you learned in Part 1 with a focus on using the Enneagram for growth. You’ll discover how the defense system of each type shows up in your life and how to loosen those defenses to experience greater freedom.

Deepening Spiritual Awareness explores how the type patterns that cause suffering are also an invitation to greater wholeness when met with kind awareness. You’ll build your inner capacity to recognize and relax emotional passions as they arise and experience the transformative potential of your type.

Interactive Components:

Each of the Foundational Courses includes live teaching by two instructors, small group break-out sessions in many different configurations, and interviews for all participants. Each session begins with an inner practice. Some of the Foundational Courses also include repeating question exercises.