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Practitioner en Eneagrama e Inteligencia Relacional

Based In: Madrid Comunidad de Madrid Spain

Training Program Description:

This program offers the complete Personality Enneagram: types, levels, wings, arrows, instinctive biases, subtypes and a Theater and Enneagram experience.

In Madrid, Lisboa and Bogota once a year.

Before being able to formalize the registration, the candidate must carry out a previous telephone interview and send a CV for review by the Admissions Committee, which will study the application within a maximum period of 3 days.

This program provides a comprehensive Enneagram education.

A certification diploma awarded by the International Enneagram Development Institute is given, once the exam has finished 90 hours.

The certification would be obtained with an evaluation (exam) of all the training received.La certificación se obtendría con una evaluación (examen) de la totalidad de la formación recibida.