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Year Long Training in the Embodiment Tradition

Sponsored By AP: Lissa Friedman

Based In: Asheville NC 28805 United States

Accredited Instructors:
  • Ali McGhee
  • Lissa Friedman
  • Tammy Hendrix
  • Valerie Wanamaker
Training Program Description:

Asheville, North Carolina, USA.

This program is sponsored by IEA Accredited Professional Lissa Friedman.

18 days | 100 hours | 14 Multiple Events | Two weekend intensives.

Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday - 15 hours each type and 12 day long monthly workshops 5 hours each, each month includes a panel for each type and triad- 70 hours = 100 total

If you are interested in joining our 1-year certification program, the first step is to attend one of our weekend conferences- contact us to make arrangements.

Major Components of the Program: Transform Enneagram patterning and explore deeper truths; Learn to identify and demonstrate the energetics of the Enneagram including subtypes; Learning to integrate the Enneagram into professional practice

Objectives: Differentiate types; Differentiate subtypes; Observe and differentiate non-verbal aspects (energetics) of types; Explore your own type biases; Develop interviewing and/or presentation skills; Assess of your strengths and growth areas; Body awareness and centering practices; Learn Enneagram Embodiment techniques

This program provides over 100 face to face Continuing Education Credits CEUs that can be applied to a variety of professional licenses through the North Carolina Board of Behavioral Sciences.

Interactive Components:

There are morning panels for each Enneatype, the students ask them questions about their life. The second part of the day the class meets and processes deeply their experience of the panel, of people they know with this type, and how to work with people with this type, if they are coaches or psychotherapists.