Based In: Wan Chai Hong Kong Island United States

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Accredited Instructors:
  • Gloria Hung
Training Program Description:

Hong Kong, China

12 Days|134 hours, 3 multiple events

Basic Program- 32 hours (8 hours x 4)

Enneagram for Performance Advanced Program - 56 hours (8 hours x 4 plus follow up session)

Enneagram for Performance Mastery Program - 56 hours (8 hours x 4 plus follow up session).

This program provides a specialized focus on a specific Enneagram approach/application.

Upon completion of the training, participants are able to:

  • Deeper level of work with personal identity and ways to disconnect with self image.
  • Emotional identity and ways to manage feeling and neurology work of fight, flight and freeze.
  • Ways to enhance communication in partnership with the coachee to identify integrative power of look at the client as well as looking as the client. Developing powerful metaphors for the current ways of being and collaborate to create new ways of being grounded in the thinking, feeling and action arena
  • Understand subtypes and how it affects our choice of action and development path
  • Case studies with various work challenges and how to deal with them with identifying the shift needed for different types of coachee
  • Working with somatic developments for coach and coachee
  • How to work with ways to break the defense that coachee has created in area of thinking, feeling and action pattern for successful implementation of the coaching practices after coaching session
  • PATH visioning tool for coach and coachee development
  • Introduction and review of the Coaching Masteries

This program provides a certificate.