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Dynamic Enneagram Certification Training

Sponsored By AP: Tom Condon

Based In: Bend OR 97708 United States

Accredited Instructors:
  • Tom Condon
Training Program Description:

Join Tom for a five-day Certification Training and apply the diagnostic power of the Enneagram to transform yourself and others. Come experience an in-depth perspective on the Enneagram as a dynamic active system. The goal of this training is to produce lasting, positive change in your clients and yourself. The focus will be on building skills, giving you specific insights, tools and practices to use effectively both personally and professionally.

Tom will help you use the Enneagram to powerfully evoke innate strengths as well as move quickly and directly to the core of a problem. You will approach the low side expressions of someone’s Enneagram style as a set of defenses – a self-created subjective reality – and the high side as an array of resources and talents existing naturally within each individual.

The Certification training will weave together lecture, exercises, and demonstrations of changework with group experiences to create a rich tapestry of insights and applications. You will also receive extensive handouts, as well as free video and audio support materials. Tom will also demonstrate a number of methods most helpful to different Enneagram styles. The workshop price includes a free digital copy of the audio series Therapeutic Metaphor and the Enneagram.