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Eneacoaching® Certification Program

Sponsored By AP: Nicolai Cursino

Based In: Mogi das Cruzes São Paulo 08700-000 Brazil

Training Program Description:

Sao Paulo, Brazil

21 Days | 168 Hours | 3 events of 7 days

Each one of the 3 parts (7 days each: Part 1:9 Rays, Part 2: Instincts Healing, Part 3: Spiritual) are offered once a year.

Part 1 in September

Part 2 in December

Part 3 in January

Pre-requisites: Students must have a certificate of basic enneagram studies by our school (2 levels: Level 1-Types and Instincts, Level 2- Subtypes and arrows) or to present a certificate from another enneagram school considering a minimum of 40 hours presential training. Participants coming from a different enneagram school must also watch two of our online on-demand training before coming. Online 1: Types, Instincts and Subtypes (8sessions- 20 hours total). Online 2: Arrows and Levels of Consciousness (8 sessions - 20 hours total).

This program provides a specialized focus on a specific Enneagram approach or application.

ENEACOACHING® is a profound journey of Alchemy, Healing, Consciousness and Reunion with the soul.

A transformative program where you will learn and walk the path of development for each of the 9 Rays and the 3 Enneagram Instincts within and without.

This program provides a certificate of completion.

CEUs are offered.